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What is Total Activity (TA)?

​TA stands for Total Activity, and it measures the both the peroxide activity (PA) and non-peroxide activity (NPA) in a honey. A honey's TA rating is a representation of its antimicrobial quality i.e. how good it is at killing bacteria. The higher the TA rating, the higher the antimicrobial strength. 

​TA vs UMF vs MGO

Most of the total activity in Manuka honey is non-peroxide activity, and the active chemical is methylglyoxal (MGO).

The two main rating systems are:

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) - A trademark term used to indicate the NPA level of Manuka honey. Common UMF ranges between 5+ to 20+, and it is comparable TA. However, UMF measures only the NPA, whereas TA measures both PA and NPA. 

MGO (Methylglyoxal) - Indicates the content of methylglyoxal in Manuka honey (mg/kg). The rating typically ranges from 100+ to 1000+.

See comparison table below:

Total Activity Equivalent UMF Equivalent MGO Strength Rating
TA10+ UMF 10+ MGO 263 Mild
TA20+ UMF 20+ MGO 829 Strong
TA30+ UMF 30+ MGO 1000+ Very Strong
TA40+ UMF40+ MGO 1250+ Super
TA50+ UMF50+ MGO 1500+ Extreme


Real Results 

TA40+ Jarrah

TA50+ Jarrah

Proof of Raw Honey

Proof of Pesticide Free

Proof of GMO Free

Proof of Pesticide Free/GMO Free Scottish Heather + Blossom

*All of our honey is tested using independent testing facilities such as Quality Service International (QSI), Analytica Laboratories and Chem Centre.