How long will the delivery take?
For local Singapore orders, we offer next day delivery. 

If you are overseas, we will provide you with a Fedex tracking number so you can check the delivery status on the Fedex website


What are your store opening times? 

We are open Tuesday - Friday 11am to 7pm and 10am - 7pm on weekends. We are closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. 


 Can I order in bulk?

Yes! Please drop us a note at info@thehoneycolony.com


Do you ship internationally?
We can ship internationally via Fedex. Please reach out to us at info@thehoneycolony.com and we'll help check and share the details with you. 


What does TA+ mean?
Total Activity (TA) of a honey is a representation of how good it is at killing bacteria. Therefore, the higher the TA rating, the higher the antimicrobial strength. Any honey with a TA rating of 10 or higher may have beneficial antimicrobial benefits and these benefits increases as the TA level rises. 

You can also check out our honeys testing results here


How long is the shelf life?
All our honeys are labelled with an expiry date as it is a labelling requirement for food goods. However, pure & raw honey will not expire as organisms that spoilt our food won't be able to survive due to honeys' biological makeup (low pH and sugar content), as well as the bees' honey-making process. 


My creamed honey has split, is it still okay to eat it?
Creamed honeys are produced by slowly whipping air into them, so hotter / more humid weather like the one in Singapore could cause the honey to "split". This doesn't mean that the honey is spoilt though. You can just use a stirrer or a spoon and whip it back. You could also store the creamed honey in the fridge, if you'd like.  


How should I eat honeycomb?
You can eat it in any way that you prefer! As it is or spread some onto toast or add it on your waffles/muesli. We at The Honey Colony love eating it with cheese and crackers!