Jarrah Honey Benefits

Jarrah Honey is well known for its benefits such as:

Stomach Health – active Jarrah honey promotes stomach health through having an elevated content of Butyric acid and high amounts of pre-biotics and pro-biotics. Butyric acid is a substance that may lower the risk of colon cancer (please consult your healthcare professional before using honey for this purpose).

Diabetics – Jarrah honey as outlined within a segment below has a lower glucose level than other honeys and therefore can be suitable in moderation, for people with diabetes (consult your doctor before commencing any treatment). Higher fructose levels in Jarrah honey make for a more desirable sweetener for diabetics.

Ulcers & Sore Throats – active Jarrah honey fights the bacteria that causes ulcers, sore throats and bad breath (Helicobacter pylori). The common remedy is adding active Jarrah honey in a tea or with warm water.

Wounds & Burns – the application of active Jarrah honey to wounds and burns will aid its healing progress. Simply apply the honey to the effected area by itself or with the combination of a gauze or dressing.

Skin Infections – due to Jarrah honey’s high hydrogen peroxide level, this can inhibit the growth of Golden Staph bacteria. Water molecules strongly react with the sugar composition found in Jarrah honey leaving little water available for microorganisms to grow which in turn makes it hard for nasty bacteria to survive as they become dehydrated. This makes the topical application of Jarrah honey to skin ailments beneficial.